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Welcome to the website of the NZ Sapper

This site originated from the New Zealand Sappers Association site and has been expanded for the use of all Sappers.  The site belongs to every Sapper and we encourage your feedback, articles/notices and participation in areas such as the Forum and Helping the Sapper.  Once a Sapper, always a Sapper - UBIQUE The Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers, which celebrated its 110th birthday in October 2012, has a proud record of service in both war and peace. The men who filled the ranks of the Corps in its first fifty years were the original Militia and included British Engineer Officers and other ranks who, in both military and civilian guise contributed significantly to the building and development of New Zealand and its essential infrastructure. Some of the earlier tasks these early engineers were involved with included the basis of the Ministry of Works, territorial and infrastructure agencies and local authorities, central Governmental Departments, as they contributed to provide the establishment and development of much of New Zealand's early:

Communications Systems (Postal and Telegraph)

Mapping and Surveying (e.g. Major Heaphy and the Heaphy Track)

Water catchment, national parks, river and irrigation systems, refuse, waste water and sewerage disposal and treatment

Utility infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, etc), including generation, distribution/transmission and supply

Building construction and housing development and so on the Kiwi Sappers made an immense contribution to the war effort, both on the battlefield and behind, by:

Laying or lifting mines in the front line

Constructing bridges, often under fire

Acting as infantry soldiers

A wide range of both constructive and destructive demolitions;

Building or improving airfields, harbours/ports, roads and railroads and logistical installations

Improving local infrastructure and industrial and supply bases

Re-establishing and support of local infrastructure and development

Provision of water, electricity and related control and distribution systems and disposal and treatment infrastructure

Seeking and development of construction resources (milling trees, quarrying, etc.), field defenses and protection, provision of bunding and hardstands.

Since 1945, regular Sappers have played an increasingly important role in the New Zealand Army. Apart from their efforts in several smaller conflicts in Asia, they have applied their skills to a variety of tasks in support of the community and, more recently, have been heavily involved in peacekeeping operations, including those in Cambodia, Loas, Sudan, Pakistan, Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, East Timor, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Sinai and Solomon Islands from 1989 to the present day. Disaster relief in the form of structural rebuilding and repair of services among the South Pacific islands is also an important task on an as-needed basis.The Kiwi Sapper has an enviable record of courage, dedication and determination - qualities that have established the Corps reputation for exemplary service over a hundred years.The New Zealand Sappers Association/Sappers of New Zealand website has been created and expanded to help those involved in the Corps to have a home and focal point on the World Wide Web. To find out more follow the link to the Sappers Association Page.


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