The Engineer Corps Memorial Centre

Linton Military Camp,
Palmerston North

Garrison Chapel

Comprising the RNZE Library and Museum, and St Martin’s RNZE and Garrison Chapel 

Ubique  -  I Nga Wahi Katoa
CC46770         October 2013 


The ECMC Library and Museum

The building was constructed by the RNZE, being officially opened in January 1982 and extended (additional library space) in 1987-88.  This facility contains over 5,000 items of reference material, covering general engineering, technical engineering, combat engineering, general history, heritage items, training manuals from Australia, NZ, UK and the USA, School of Military Engineering (SME) references, professional papers of the Corps of Royal Engineers (1850-1911), biographies, auto-biographies, photo albums, pictorial records, reports of deployments and projects in NZ and overseas, Unit History Sheet records, records of the Sappers Association NZ Inc (1960-), records of the ECMA (1966-89) and Corps histories for the Corps of Royal Engineers, Royal Australian Engineers, Royal Canadian Engineers and the RNZE.  In other words, the library component houses the “Technical Information Centre (or TIC)” for the RNZE. 

Do you want to make your mark in the Corp museum? 

Do you have spare time on Thursdays between 0800 & 1700?    

Even occasional participation would be welcome.

Clas Chamberlain has a task list mostly involving sorting, cataloguing and inventorying of maps, plans, news items, photographs etc.

Nothing heavier than box files to lift – even cripples can do it!

Interested?   Of course you are.   The next step is:-

Contact either Clas Chamberlain This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or Joe Hollander  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.               


N.B. Most Thursdays Joe can provide transport from Palmerston North to Linton